User's Guide
Before Use
Explains information necessary before you use this machine.
Function Manual
Explains each function of this machine.


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What's new

  • ・Added descriptions of new features in C14000/C12000 Ver.2.0 (except KMI controller related sections).
  • ・Updated the AccurioPro ColorManager section.
  • The following sections have been added.
  • ・Print Workflow
  • ・Copy / Scan
  • ・Adjustment / Maintenance
  • ・Network / Security
  • ・Device Management
  • ・Troubleshooting
  • The following sections related to Image Controller IC-610 have been added.
  • ・PS Plug-in Driver
  • ・AccurioPro Print Manager
  • ・Color Centro
  • ・Controller
  • ・Controller (Administrator Setting)
  • ・Web Connection (Image Controller)
  • The content of the following sections have been updated.
  • ・Touch Panel (LCD)
  • ・CNTL
  • ・STORE
  • ・COPY
  • ・SCAN
  • ・Paper Setting
  • ・Both Sides
  • ・Adjustment
  • ・Trimmer Profile
  • ・Reg./Del.PaperSet.
  • ・Sample Print Set.
  • ・Network/Scan Set.
  • ・Control Panel (Hard keys)
  • ・Counter Area
  • ・Scan Address Register
  • ・User Setting
  • ・Administrator Setting
  • ・Web Connection
  • ・Web Utilities
  • ・AccurioPro Hot Folder
  • ・AccurioPro ColorManager
  • ・Terms of Use
  • ・About User's Guide
  • ・FAQ
  • ・Specifications
  • ・Startup Guide
  • This page provides a summary of changes every time this User's Guide is updated.