Specifications PageScope Mobile for Android (ver.5.5)

Updated 10 April 2017

Supported Environment
Operating System Android 4.0/4.1/4.2/4.3/4.4/5.0/5.1/6.0/7.0/7.1
Processor ARM Compatible Processor
Screen Resolution 320×240 (QVGA) or more
Screen Size 4.3-10.1 inch
Language English, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Traditional Chinese
Communication Protocol Wi-Fi (for Print, Scan, Email, Web Browsing)
3G/LTE (for Email, Web Browsing)
NFC (for Touch operation, Printer Panel Login)
Supported Functions
* Available functions depends on Printer's capability
Print Contents My Documents/Mail (Main Body, Attached File)/Web/Camera/Photo
Setting − Copies : 1-9999
− Original Orientation : Portrait/Landscape
− Color : Full Color/Grayscale
− Collate
− Offset
− Output Method : Print/Secure Print/Proof Print/ID & Print
− Staple : Left Corner/Right Corner/2 Position (Left)/2 Position (Top)
− Center Binding
− Punch
− Color Settings : Document/Photo/DTP/Web/Cad
− 2-Sided : 1-Sided/2-Sided/Booklet
− N-Up : 2in1/4in1/6in1/9in1/16in1
− Binding Position : Top Bind/Left Bind
− Input Tray : Auto/Tray1/Tray2/Tray3/Tray4/Tray5/LCT/Bypass Tray
Scan File Format Scan : JPEG, PDF, Compact PDF
WebDAV : JPEG, PDF, Compact PDF, XPS, Compact XPS, TIFF, PPTX
Setting (Scan) − Scan Size : Auto/A3/A4/8.5×14/8.5×11
− Resolution (dpi) : 200/300/400/600
− Color mode : Full Color/Grayscale
− Original Type : Text/Printed Photo/Text,Printed Photo/Text,Photo Paper/Dot Matrix/Photo Paper/Map/Copied Paper
− File Format : PDF/JPEG
− Place Document : Platen/Feeder (Simplex)/Feeder (Duplex)
− Encrypted PDF
− Authentication (for Login)
User Authentication Supported Functions − Print
− Scan
− Printer Panel Login (by NFC)
Authentication Mode User Authentication : MFP/External Server/Enhanced Server/MFP+External Server/MFP+Enhanced Server
Account Track : MFP/External Server/MFP+External Server
File Storage My Documents − Saving Scanned data, Web page and Email attachment to Android's file storage
− Password lock for file security
Online Storage Connection Following Online Storage Connection is supported.
Google Drive, SharePoint Online, Evernote, Dropbox, iCloud, Shared folder (SMB)
Printer Search and Registration Supported Method Online Printer can be searched and registered by using following methods,
Wi-Fi/QR Code/NFC
NFC Touch Supported operations − Touch to Print
− Touch to Scan
− Printer Panel Login
Supported Models
Supported Multifunction Printer [Colour]
bizhub C754e/C654e
bizhub C754/C654
bizhub C658/C558/C458
bizhub C652DS/C552DS
bizhub C652/C552/C452
bizhub C650/C550/C451
bizhub C554e/C454e/C364e/C284e/C224e
bizhub C554/C454/C364/C284/C224
bizhub C368/C308/C258
bizhub C360/C280/C220
bizhub C353/C253/C203
bizhub C287/C227
bizhub C266/C226
bizhub C281/C221/C221s
bizhub C3351/C3851/C3851FS
bizhub C3350/C3850/C3850FS
bizhub C3110/C3100P
bizhub C35P/C35/C25
bizhub C20/C20P

bizhub PRESS C6000+IC-601
bizhub PRO C6000L+IC-601
bizhub PRESS C1085+IC-602
bizhub PRESS C1060+IC-602
bizhub PRO C1060L+IC-602
AccurioPress C2070+IC-603
AccurioPress C2070P+IC-603
AccurioPress C2060+IC-603
AccurioPrint C2060L+IC-603

magicolor 4750EN/4750DN

bizhub 958/808/758
bizhub 754e/654e
bizhub 754/654
bizhub 751/601
bizhub 652/602/552/502
bizhub 554e/454e/364e/284e/224e
bizhub 501/421/361
bizhub 367/287/227
bizhub 558/458/368/308
bizhub 423/363/283/223
bizhub 306/266
bizhub 4750/4050
bizhub 4700P/4000P
bizhub 4020/3320
bizhub 42/36
bizhub 40P

bizhub PRO 1100
bizhub PRO 958
bizhub PRO 951